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Blue Mountains Guitar School offers professional tuition in traditional and contemporary acoustic guitar styles.

The lessons are based on a graded series of traditional and original tunes equally suitable for children, teenagers and adults – designed to get people playing the guitar as quickly as possible.

"One of the things that really impressed me about Nigel's teaching methods was how quickly my three children were playing quite advanced songs. This was a great motivation for them."  Jane Clyne, Blue Mountains, NSW

The lessons are one-on-one. We usually have a child/adult student ratio of about 50/50, which encompasses an age range of 7–75 years old.

At Blue Mountains Guitar School, we teach beginners, intermediate and advanced levels, prepare students for Year 11 and 12 music performance assessments... and beyond! We sometimes offer performance opportunities at music nights, and also coach students in stagecraft and how to use a PA.

Guitar Lessons for Kids:
Children love the guitar, and we love helping them learn to play. Our guitar lessons are generally suitable for children aged 7 or 8 and upwards, but we have taught a number of keen six-year-olds who have done well. Feel free to call for advice if you are not sure if your child is ready.

Guitar Lessons for Beginners:
Both Nigel and Martin Foote are experienced in teaching beginner guitar, whether it be to children, teenagers or adults, making it easy, fun and rewarding for beginners of all age groups.

Guitar Lessons for Intermediate to Advanced Players:
We teach the styles used by a diverse range of the world's finest singer-songwriters and guitarists (see list below). These artists share something in common – they all learnt how to fingerpick! They all learnt the same basic techniques – we can help you perfect yours. Fingerpickers include:

Paul Simon, Ed Sheeran, Tommy Emmanuel, Townes Van Zandt, Leo Kottke, Pete Seeger, Mark Knopfler, Judy Collins, Paul Kelly, Jerry Douglas, John Butler, Mike McClellan, Lindsay Buckingham, Arlo Guthrie, Chris Smither, Kate Wolf, Ralph McTell, Pat Drummond, Eric Bibb, Harry Manx, Joan Baez, John Denver, Don McLean, Al Ward, Judy Small, Rick Ruskin, Bruce Cockburn, Steve Earle, Kieren Kane, Kevin Welch and Lior – the list is endless!

We also teach the simple, yet effective strumming patterns used by countless artists including: Joni Mitchell, Cat Stevens, Neil Young, Gillian Welch, David Rawlings, Taylor Swift, Paul Kelly, Pete Murray, Joan Baez and Bob Dylan to name a few.

Lessons at the school: 1/2 hour $45 / 1-hour $80 (payable at the school)
Online lessons: 1/2 hour $45 (payable via the PayPal buttons on the ONLINE page on our website)

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