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"I have been learning with Nigel for nine years. As a 'mature age student', it was with some trepidation that I began learning fingerstyle guitar. I needn’t have worried. From the outset, I found Nigel to be quite unique. He encourages at every turn. He always provides enough to be challenging, yet never defeating. His constant refrain of, “Yeah, I found that bit really hard as well”, gives constant reassurance that, you too, can do it. Frankly, I can’t speak highly enough of Nigel’s teaching skills. He is an absolute gem."

Greg McKay, Blue Mountains, NSW

"Your contributions to the Conservatorium students over the past six years has been greatly appreciated. Not only did you bring patience, encouragement and flexibility to your teaching in lessons and workshops, but you did so with a rare gentleness, humour and grace."

Max Reeder, Executive Director, Mitchell Conservatorium of Music, Bathurst NSW 

“Martin is a good teacher, he provides an in-depth learning process, and he is a good communicator”.

Alpha S (age 14), Blue Mountains, NSW Australia

"I took lessons from Nigel for approximately two years. I have been to many teachers in the past and I found Nigel to be the best by far. As a difficult student who enjoys the freedom of learning at my own pace and not necessarily sticking to set lessons, Nigel gave me the time to learn the way I wanted, while still maintaining core lesson fundamentals and ensuring I progressed my guitar playing capabilities. I enjoyed the lessons so much and was so happy with my progress that I enrolled two of my children with Nigel."

Victor Peralta, Blue Mountains, NSW

“Martin is patient, friendly, extremely positive and well prepared.”

Ben E. Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains, NSW

"Nigel has been the best music teacher we could have hoped for for our daughter who has been studying with him for the past 5 years. He is always interested and always supportive. He has developed his own system for teaching guitar, one which has made learning easy and offers constant wins for the kids. He's the best!"

Bronwen Logan, Blue Mountains, NSW

"Dawn Egan was on contract with the Mitchell Conservatorium of Music in Bathurst from 2002 to 2005. In that time she demonstrated a reliability and commitment to teaching Celtic harp, and several of her students won scholarships. As a teacher and performer, her contribution to this institution was greatly valued. I have no hesitation in recommending Dawn as an outstanding musician and teacher."

Fiona Thompson, Executive Director,  Mitchell Conservatorium of Music, Bathurst NSW

"Our 11 year old son James, has been learning guitar with Nigel for 5 years.  It is the highlight of his week.  Not only is Nigel a wonderful teacher, knowledgeable, patient, enthusiastic and resourceful, he is inspirational and James adores him.  James has to be told to stop practicing guitar!  We couldn’t recommend Nigel highly enough." (James now has lesson's with Martin).

Alison and Adam, Blue Mountains, NSW

"Getting to have guitar lessons with Nigel was one of the greatest gifts my parents ever gave me. They have had a profound impact on my life. I had my first lessons in 1998 and I still enjoy exercising what Nigel has taught me to this day. The styles he teaches are not only great fun to play and listen to, they also give you skills that can transfer to a whole range of stringed instruments! :)"

James Church, Bathurst, NSW

"I have known Nigel since 1988. He is well respected as a performer, teacher and composer. I have been extremely impressed by his dedication and commitment to his teaching. From my observations, Nigel maintains a high level of involvement with his pupils. His organizational skills are exceptional and his instructions to students, both written and verbal, are clear. He is extemely punctual and reliable."

Gavin Tipping, Director, Blue Mountains Conservatorium of Music (Blue Mountains Grammar School)

“Dawn is a gentle and knowledgeable teacher and instructs our daughter, Evie, with such patience and respect. Her experience as a harpist is evident and we feel, we are so lucky, to have found her to teach our daughter the harp”. 

Erica G, Blue Mountains, NSW Australia


“I think she’s a very nice teacher. I enjoy learning the harp with her”. 

Evie G aged 9


"I was a student of Nigel's in the 1990's, when I lived at Blackheath. What I remember most is his patience and personal mastery of the guitar. Nigel is an inspiring teacher with an in-depth knowledge of not only his instrument, but also all forms of music associated with the guitar. His love and passion for the guitar shines through at all levels from coping with a fumbling beginner to the more intricate fingerpicking styles and I have no hesitation at all in recommending Nigel as a first class guitar teacher and all-round human being."

Robin Bell, Kristinehamn, Sweden - ex Blue Mountains


“I had no intention of taking up the harp until meeting Dawn.

Her keen intuition and gentle manner drew me to the instrument.

She is a beautiful instructor - understanding her students in a way

that I have never experienced before in a music teacher.

If you have any inclination towards playing the harp, Dawn is your teacher.

Don't hesitate - just go for it!”  

Katherine M, Blue Mountains, NSW Australia


"It is rare to come across someone so naturally gifted as a teacher. Nigel is very patient, an excellent observer and assessor of a student's individual needs, a good listener and an interesting individual to boot. He had me finger-picking from memory as well as by sight – an achievement I had not really thought possible".

Lyn Williams, Blue Mountains, NSW

"Nigel is the best guitar teacher I have ever had. His teaching methods and practises were unique and allowed me as a student to flourish as a guitarist. Each lesson I continued to learn new songs and techniques, and Nigel certainly made every lesson enjoyable with his marvellous company. I would certainly recommend Nigel to anyone who has a strong passion for guitar in which they wish to pursue further."

Isabella Janek, Blue Mountains, NSW

"Nigel is everything you could want in a teacher; patient, inspirational, fantastic company & accommodating. I loved that he helped me explore my own musical paths."

Mark Davis, Blue Mountains, NSW

"I've been having guitar lessons with Nigel for over 7 years, Nigel isn't only a talented musician, but an amazing teacher – he is extremely patient and teaches in a manner that is fun and easy to understand. I would highly recommend Nigel for guitar lessons"

Melissa Zammit, Blue Mountains, NSW

“Our daughter has been coming to Dawn's harp lessons for the last 7 years, since she was 5 years old. She loves coming to Dawn and has learnt so many Celtic harp traditional pieces, which she has had the opportunity to Solo at end of year school concerts and play her harp as part of the school band. There are few places that you can keep the tradition alive and learn Celtic harp and fewer that you can learn them in such warm, homely and beautiful environment. Our trips up to Blackheath are a highlight of our week. Dawn, Nigel and Martin always create such a lovely family environment, so that our daughter finds lessons a real privilege and never a chore. We can't recommend them highly enough.”

Melia Farrell, Blue Mountains, NSW


"After many years thinking about it, I finally took up guitar lessons with Nigel as an Adult Beginner. Nigel quickly had me playing beautiful, simple songs and I've been amazed at the progress made so far. I couldn't have done it without Nigel's excellent teaching and encouragement."

Sharon Ellicott, Blue Mountains, NSW

"Our 14 year old son has been learning guitar from Nigel Foote for the past 6 years and we have always found him to be a very gentle and encouraging teacher. Nigel is a very talented guitar player and focussed tutor who is able to relate well to students at all levels."

Katrina and David Molla, Blue Mountains, NSW

"What I love most about Nigel as a guitar teacher is he gives you great tunes to learn and practise, including many of his own lovely compositions. It makes a big difference, especially when you’re just learning and every note is a struggle. It’s so much easier - and so much more motivating - to persevere when you really like the piece of music you’re trying to master."

Kathy Graham, Blue Mountains, NSW

"Nigel is incredibly patient and nurturing throughout his guitar lessons, imparting his vast musical knowledge along with wonderful stories and anecdotes. He has a large catalogue of folk, blues, roots and country tunes for his students to learn from. Through the five years I was a student of Nigel's, my playing improved from never having played the guitar before to playing a few of his most advanced tunes."

Ryan Tremble, Blue Mountains, NSW

“Ten months ago I began taking harp lessons with Dawn. What a challenge for her!  I am over 70 and had never learnt to play an instrument before. I am truly grateful to her for the immense patience and skill as a teacher that I have found. She is always encouraging and allows me to advance at my own pace.”  

Michele F, Blue Mountains, NSW Australia


"Nigel was my first guitar teacher and he gave me an introduction to the instrument that has endured. His approach was calm and patient and every lesson showed me a little something new that sounded good and was fun to practice."

Clare O'Doherty, Blue Mountains, NSW

"I had been teaching myself guitar since I left school. Then, as a 40-something-year-old, it dawned on me that I had been fumbling around with the same old stuff for years and not making any progress! I knew that lessons were what was needed. But the thought of playing in front of another person absolutely filled me with dread. Nigel’s warmth and approach to music tuition enabled me to overcome my shyness/phobia and gave me the skills to confidently play music with others. I only wish I’d found Nigel sooner in my life and hadn’t wasted so many years stumbling around, musically, by myself."

Ruby Wright, Blue Mountains, NSW

"I feel so fortunate to have had Nigel as a guide on my journey to learning to play guitar. I deeply appreciate Nigel’s sensitivity and encouragement as a teacher, as well as his masterful abilities as a performer and a composer. Lessons with Nigel have often been the highlight of my week – learning and practising a new tune has been an exciting and immensely enjoyable experience. What a joy it is to sit down with my guitar whenever I feel like it and to play such beautiful music! And now I have the opportunity to watch my son, Eric, take lessons and enjoy playing as well. I have Nigel to thank for the wonderful gift of being able to play my guitar – my life has been all the richer for it!"

Angela Morsley, Blue Mountains, NSW

"My son attended Nigel’s lessons over the course of 2 years. Nigel’s translation of experience to a lesson is masterful, combining his rare and gentle humour with precision in teaching. Terrific value for money."

Ian Dalkin, Blue Mountains, NSW

“I loved my harp lessons with Dawn (and listening to her play!). She is a skilled and encouraging teacher who makes learning easy even for the famously unmusical (like me). On top of this, she is a relaxed and enjoyable person to simply be with. And she makes a great cup of tea and bickies! If you have ever wanted to play harp, do it with Dawn!!”

Katherine H, Blue Mountains NSW Australia


"Learning music was always a dream for me! I finally started with Nigel as an adult student at over 40 yrs old! What a delight is was! Nigel is so good with adult students – patient and softly caring, and he made me feel comfortable from my first lesson. I studied with him for 3 years, and what I mostly enjoyed was learning his original compositions. Nigel is a really good teacher who comes with a depth of artistic practice. His experience and care just had me loving making music from lesson #1."

Kathy Driscol, Blue Mountains, NSW

"Nigel taught me guitar in 2009-10 and I enjoyed his lessons enormously.  He has developed graded materials that are adapted to all levels and styles.  He's also a talented guitarist, singer and songwriter who loves the instrument and has passed his passion on to generations of students. Highly recommended."

Brendan Doyle, Blue Mountains, NSW

"I took lessons from Nigel Foote from 1994, and from the start found them to be concise, well organised and enjoyable. The support material provided with each lesson - tablature, notes and recordings - proved invaluable, to the extent that I still refer to them to this day. I would highly recommend Nigel to anyone wanting to discover the joy of playing the guitar."

Ken Sheehan, Blue Mountains, NSW

“Dawn opened up a wonderful new world to me. My harps are my joy, my solace and my companions. Her calm and confident manner to share her amazing knowledge and experience was so reassuring as her student. Thank you again.”

Susie W, Forster NSW Australia


"Nigel plays and teaches from the heart – he takes you to the very heart of guitar playing. Few teachers have inspired me to play the guitar the way Nigel and his music have."

Vickie Manning, Church Point, NSW

"My son Ryan, who is 21 yrs old now, first started learning guitar from Nigel Foote when he was about 9ys old. Nigel inspired my son by his gentle, wise coaching and enabled him to gain confidence and improve at his own pace. Although Ryan stopped lessons with Nigel when he was in Year 12 at school due to HSC commitments, he often just picks up a guitar and plays for pleasure and will always have fond memories of his lessons with Nigel."

Kathleen Hamilton, Blue Mountains, NSW

"After reaching grade 6 with piano, my 16 yr old son decided he would like to learn the guitar.  I was delighted he wasn't abandoning music completely, and at such an influential age was glad with his choice on how to spend his time. Nigel has proved to be a wonderful role model and has treated Wilson as a young adult.  Even though he has only been learning for a term, Nigel has taught him the skills and given him the confidence to entertain family and friends with his small but enjoyable repertoire. Wilson looks forward to his weekly lessons and practicing is something he enjoys.  I'm surprised and grateful with the progress he has made in such a short time and the knowledge he has absorbed under Nigel's tuition."

Ali McDowell, Blue Mountains, NSW

"Nigel is a genuinely immersed folk fingerpicking guitarist. He is patient and methodical and can really help you to get more out of your instrument. He is great at reading where a student is up to and helping you get a little better each time, building on a solid base.  A real blue mountains treasure."

George Samuel, Blue Mountains, NSW

"Some years ago, I decided to learn playing fingerstyle guitar as a way of relaxing from stresses of work and life in general. I was incredibly fortunate to find Nigel Foote as a tutor. I soon noticed after each lesson that I felt more inspired and motivated to learn, listening to the lesson in the car while driving home and looking forward to mastering the tune. Learning the guitar can be challenging as you progress along the journey but the personal satisfaction and sense of achievement is worth the effort. In teaching guitar, Nigel has a natural gift to inspire people to learn and with his help and guidance you can achieve your goals."

John Begovich, Sydney, NSW

"One of the things that really impressed me about Nigel's teaching methods was how quickly my three children were playing quite advanced songs. This was a great motivation for them."

Jane Clyne, Blue Mountains, NSW

"Nigel is great at helping me learn how to play better and helping me correct my mistakes. Lessons with Nigel have changed my life – I LOVE playing my guitar!"

Eric Morsley, Blue Mountains, NSW

"You taught our daughter, Daisy, the guitar when she was quite young and we were impressed with your kindness and patience. You made the lessons fun and interesting. Good luck with your new ventures."

Sarah Kiely, Blue Mountains, NSW