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Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons


  • Nigel is taking a break in 2023 (to work on some unfinished projects)

  • Experienced teachers

  • Professional musicians

  • Offering expert guitar tuition in the Blue Mountains since 1983

  • Whatever your age or skill level, our experienced teachers and proven methods will accelerate your progress

Nigel Foote has taught guitar in the Blue Mountains since 1983 (50,000 lessons). Combine Nigel's experience with the dazzling talent of young guitar virtuoso, Martin Foote, and you have a teaching team with impressive credentials!

"One of the things that really impressed me about Nigel's teaching methods was how quickly my three children were playing quite advanced songs. This was a great motivation for them."  Jane Clyne, Blue Mountains, NSW

We also offer harp lessons. If you've ever been captured by the spellbinding sound of the Celtic harp, Dawn Egan is ready to start you on your own magical journey. "A woman whose music is firmly grounded in the Celtic tradition, and whose haunting, enchanting melodies carry one back through time to the old stone inns and windswept fields of Ireland." ABC Music. 

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